Sunday, December 6, 2015

First meeting of 2016

A note to all , the first meeting of 2016 is the 2nd January at the Hall at 6:30pm . Usual terms apply.
Further meetings will follow on a fortnightly basis.

Anyone wanting a game you can find us on our Facebook group.

The joust 3

Hey all the Joust 3 event went live to the natin this morning. We are meeting on the evening of the 19th December at 6:30pm  for a night of fun and games to celebrate the Yule season and the end of 2015.
Hoping to get some games of 40k , magic , yu gi oh and possibly pandemic.
A possibility that a guest appearance of a game demonstrator is on the cards.

On my own front I am getting busier and won't be posting a lot. As I am now the GCN's Regional Developement Co-ordinator and regional coordinator for  East Anglia