Sunday, March 29, 2015

Knights blood bowl league night 1

The League finally got under way tonight. with two players down we desided to play the matches to what ever fitted
Shaun  drew up David

and Grant drew up Kevin from the list

After a bit of rules sorting out,getting the rust out of the joints , speccially kev with the Tomb Raiders as he had not played since 4th edition. the games were slow but methodical.
so as the old saying goes heres the scores on the doors 
Shaun(super toad 67) 1 vs David (griff's heros) a colossal 5
Grant(iron resolvers) 4 vs Kevin (Tomb Raiders) 0
a lot of damage for the first game with 2 players out of the next match.

standings after 1st game, 
1 griff's heros  (human)
2 iron resolvers (high elf)
3 Tomb raiders (undead)
4 Supa Toad67 (Ogre well snotlings actually)

Next Match is in a fortnights time 11th April 2015. Stay tuned this is Bob and Jim Signing off!

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