Sunday, January 20, 2013

commission painting service and more

With many Thanks to Creative Models, the UK Distributor for Vallejo Paints, we are now in a position to offer a complete buy-build-paint solution for 15mm WWII!! This Enables us to offer Both Plastic Soldier Company and Flames of War Miniatures. 

You can also buy through us for new, un-worked models/scenics/tools and more.
15% off SRP for Wargamers of Local clubs, Such as NEWS (Newmarket and Exning War games Society), Newmarket Knights Games Club and the Lakenheath Hive.

If your interested in a Value alternative to Railway Weathering or Commisioned Model Painting,
Contact us for Prices...Vallejo Paints, Senics

Here will be my 2nd home for Peachey Models. I will be posting some of my work in progress as well as some finished pieces.

 Here is 'St Paddy' 55001 Class 55 Hornby RailRoad model in BR Blue, weathered.

I will be posting more as I complete projects.... See you soon. Richard

Monday, January 7, 2013

Had our first few games of Dreadball on Saturday. still learning the rules, Looking good.
Stevil vs Chris 2-1 a 6 point victory for Steve
Shaun vs Chris. 1-2 A 2 points victory for Chris
Shaun vs David 1-2 a 2 point victory for David
a fun night it plays so fast we could get 4 games in a meeting.