Monday, September 3, 2012

About card games

I was looking recently for a filler game that could be played quickly after someone would finish their game and that's what I found. Feel free to comment and say which one you think could fit. I am thinking about getting one myself.

Card games is the type of game I haven't realy delved into yet so go easy on me. Somehow all the Magic the Gathering fewer went right past me. I tried MTG recently with the release of Plainchase on PS3, some might say that it's not the same game anymore because its not collectible but who cares? I wouldn't pay a penny for blisters just to see if there is one card that I need. I think Collectible Card Games is a ridiculous concept and can't imagine how it could be so popular.

After all I didn't like it anyway, it felt random, the land cards being the biggest problem, if you got too many of them you probably won't have anything to fight with, if you have too little you won't have mana to spend, maybe I haven't give it a fair hearing but I just couldn't stand it.

Then We played Dominion on the clubs meeting and I thought it was much better, improved mechanic and I enjoyed it but there was something missing... Theme, it is generic and not realy involving, it was like everybody were thinking about their cards and what they will do on their turn, this might speed the game a little bit but I felt disconnected from what's going on, it turns out not only me as some players had to be reminded to discard cards when I played militia card. Another issue I had was the thing that everything was public, so If you took too many militia cards your oponent would know that and counter it. I had a hard time convincing my friends to play this one and after all they didn't like it. They are picky and are more interested in the theme than mechanics.

The one I realy enjoyed (and others I've played with) was Citadels. Maybe it's in the player interaction, or hidden information, quick game rounds? I don't know, but it works.
You see? the deck for Citadels consist mostly of district cards that you can build if you got cash for them. You race to build your city and if you build 8 districts everybody count value of their districts plus some other stuff and winner is produced. The clever part is in the 8 characters you choose and the way they are dealt. You'll never be 100% sure what your oponent choosen, and some characters can screw other, but you cannot name player to be your victim, you have to name a character, so you might end up stealing from poor or assasinating someone who doesn't even play. The only problem with this one is that it can take 30 min - 1h.

I have been playing some card games on the Iphone as well, namely Ascension which I realy liked the first 2 days and played a heck off of it, but It became boring for some reason, another being Summoner wars that I found realy interesting. It is kind of miniature game on a square grid, realy interesting fast paced, quick to set up, tear down, and play, I thought it might be a perfect for the job.

Now this realy intrigues me... have you seen GenCon FFG's booth? one game in particular was sold in like 10 minutes, Android: Netrunner and I think this one might be THE card game for me. MMmm.


Feelingstrangelybrown said...

I see what you mean about the openess of Dominion revealing your strategy to opponents. I am not really bothered by the somewhat thin theme, as i like the various different routes to victory you can take. I'll bring in Race For the Galaxy for you to borrow next time if you want, as you have a little bit more privacy about what is in your hand. The mechanic of RFTG is quite simple, but the symbols used on the cards can be a little confusing, so it's worth looking up a player aid on BGG.

Pawel said...

Sadly for me theme became very important, that's the only way I can convince my friends to play anything. I've got Puerto Rico and Power Grid, both very good mechanicly games yet I haven't even played them in real (I tried on computer but that's not the point) I love games with theme too. Dominion is a good mechanicly game and I enjoyed playing it but it was as I said, I was disconnected from the game and was thinking about mechanics only.

Anyway I wrote this because I think netrunner could be what I was looking for in a card game, and Summoner wars is the winner when it comes to a quick strategic game.

Bring RFTG I am realy interested in this one.

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