Saturday, August 25, 2012

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

Ok this announcement is not about board or tabletop games but about computer game. I had to bring X-com (also known as UFO) to the light. It's been like 11 years since any news about this franchise, so I was shocked to find out that (I've missed it) 2k games are making remake and it is almost finished!!! Release is scheduled on 12 october, comming to PC, PS3, XBOX

Why so excited about it? Hey I've played it back then and it was amazing. It was a turn based tactical game with elements of strategy and resource management and RPG, UGOIGO turn structure so it felt like a miniature game. You basicly had to protect earth from alien invasion, scrambling interceptors to shoot down ufo's, send squad to fight aliens on ground, research new technologies, aquire new skills, buy or produce equipment, hire personel etc. there was ton of things to do and yet not as complicated as one would imagine.

The game itself wasn't easy, your squad members were squishy and usualy died after one shot, so you realy had to think about your moves to succeed, this game teaches patience. Graphics wasn't the best but it featured destructible enviroment.

Here is a little review of the first game in the series.

So without further delay, I present you new iteration of a classic X-COM game

E3 trailer:

An Interview with developers:


christopher peachey said...

its still under the catagory of war games, we can play multiplayer? so its almost the same thing. and i do believe tat norwich battlenet have a tabletop ring as well as a local intranet. any how bloodbowl has a pc game as did 40k and war hammer along with epic. so be it. just make aother tag computer games.

christopher peachey said...


Stevilken said...

XCom was a great game. I've been watching this game for a few months. Fingers crossed it lives up to its predecessor. Laser Squad was one of my all time favourite games. Turn based RTS that XCom was based upon. This will include multiplayer, what format are you intending on buying it for Pawel?

christopher peachey said...

its a pity that the on line versions of these games dont cross systems. without a games console or microsoft i couldnt play them.

Pawel said...

My laptop is a pice of junk, so I think I will go for my PS3 and a big screen, but recently I've bought the first in the series, x-com: ufo defense and has been playing it for the weekend almost non stop and realy !!! This game is awesome!!! If you don't mind the graphics, it can deliver more than anything nowdays. It's in the design, nowdays games are made to be fast paced, this one is the opposite, damn you've got to be carefull or your guys will die, I've disembarked too fast once to see how a granade land under my feet and wipe out my entire team, and the question when I've found an alien base... should I atack it? am I gonna survive this?

Definitely hoping the new game can deliver the same experience. Fingers crossed.

Pawel said...

Thanks Chris for making another tab. I didn't knew if you'd want one on the site.

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