Sunday, August 19, 2012

FFG anounces "Relic", board game in 40k setting

How could I've missed that? Another game in Warhammer setting released by FFG? they spoil us...

FFG seems to love Warhammer more than GW itself nowdays. After Dreadfleet which many didn't like saying the rules are too random and branded it as a fix in GW annual financial report after how they advertised it (as a limited, one shoot only game) I feel that the only fresh and innovative games in this setting are introduced by FFG recently, they had few succesfull titles released already using Warhammer IP, one called Horus Heresy and Chaos in the old world. Not mentioning RPG books and card games.

GW did well with Space Hulk, so it's not like they can't make a good board game using their own IP. It bugs me why aren't they releasing more games like that? if its profitable for FFG it should be for themselves as well yet they abandoned all their specialists games even than there is quite strong desire for games like Warhammer quest. I feel that GW gave field in this genre away and FFG took it over.

On the other hand I am happy FFG is releasing warhamer themed games because of how nice games they produce, the quality of components is always top notch, desing usualy well thought of too. They have high standards for their games, and many games are in top 100 (Althought I think some titles were prematurely killed like Battlelore and Tide of Iron.

I was realy impressed by Chaos in the old world for example and it only shows what can be acomplished when you put great theme and good mechanic together. There is nothing better than being a chaos god that corrupt the land and fight with other chaos gods for dominance.

As a side note, we finaly got together to play CITOW properly, because the first time we didn't even knew the rules. I must appologize here for my game explanation as well, I am preety lame when it comes to that but knowing my weeknes I've printed a rules sumary for everyone and that did work quite well I hope. In the end we all lost because the old world fought back but it made me wanting to play it more and have my revange (in this case I should be gratefull 'cause I've been loosing badly, Korne played by Steve was after me and I couldn't escape his lust for blood).

The point is... the more I learn about gaming the more I understand what Robert Florence meant when saying "Warhammer matters" during his review of CITOW . The setting been quite some time with us already, probably it is older than I am and during the time up untill now it's been polished to perfection, it is so rich that you couldn't just pass by any game without considering buying it.

So when I've read about FFG anouncing a new game this time 40k themed I got excited.

There is not much inormation about the game itself, if you want you can read their announcement.
But what they said is that it's based on Talisman. I never played this one, but what I've read is it's just roll and move type of a board game and I don't realy like this, I hate monopoly for the same reason.

Looking at the pictures of components I am not impressed too, the artwork is kind of cartoony and I think it doesn't fit into harsh reality of 40k, anyway... because it's warhammer I just had to share it with you and will keep an eye on the news about it but so far after reading this announcement I felt like somebody poured cold water over my head. Peace out


Stevilken said...

I'll bring Talisman to one of the meets in the future. It's a pretty basic game, roll and move as you say, but it can be fairly fun.

Pawel said...

Great, I am looking forward to it, maybe we will squeeze it somewhere between games.

I am ashamed that I haven't tried it yet, I know it't not like monopoly but if you say its fun I believe you. I just don't like when I don't have controll of what am I doing.

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