Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another one bites the Dust

News from the frontline - Axis defending a V-2 rocket facillity successfully stopped Allied invasion !!!

Very little could be done when axis general released furious gorillas on to unprepared tank busters wielding bazookas in the middle of the field. Even BBQ squad brave enough to cross their path were wiped out instantly. Some say they were set as a bait to lure the fiends into Rhino's squad range, but they went just few yards further and thus out of reach of their powered fists wielding friends and couldn't count on their support. Tank busters seeing charging at them gorillas gave last effort to shoot at nearby walker but in the heat of a battle missed miserably. Desperate to see gorillas killed Rhino and his heavy rangers assault squad went chasing after them but when they met in the middle of the field they were out of luck, lost initiative and were torn to pieces. Even Allied artillery barrage was not able to stop the bloody monkeys advancing and soon enough they became a threat to Allied command squad.

Almost all of Allied units retreated to positions covered by snipers sitting on the top of the ruined building which in matter of fact were very effective picking out heavy armored Germans one by one but the sheer numbers of German soldiers rushing on their possitions left them without hope for survival.

Pounder came to rescue blowing up a walker equipped with mighty 8.8's just after his crew extinguished the flames caused by exploding fuel carnister after being hit by the same tank a minute before. Heavy laser grenadiers wanted to kill off burning pounder but they sticked their noses out in the snipers line of sight. In next couple of secounds they were reduced to a man.

At the end, axis lost observer squad and a walker, and they've killed 3 allied squads. Surviving allies fled from the battlefield hoping for another time to have their revange.

They will not forget this sight to the rest of their lives.


I think the game went smoother this time, Mark and I took a bit more time to understand the rules and with printed out unit cards it was less a chore to play but still found that some rules are either broken or badly ballanced. Snipers in my opinion were too good, they ignore armor and cover and hit on blanks giving pretty high chances to kill a heavy infantry soldier. Artillery this time were less effective than previously remembering that it has to be reloaded each time it shoots made a huge change. Gorillas proved to be very deadly as well, with Markus attached their effective range was 21'' (move 6'' + move 6'' + fast 6'' + charge and 3'' close combat range) and hit with close combat weapons for which you can only react with close combat weapons too, Markus 6 wounds contributed to the squad's survivability soaking hits before you could kill any of them...

I am willing to try it couple more times to find any counter measures  to those ridiculously strong units with the rules as they are writen now and decide if they need any house rules, It is no fun when a unit plow thru the whole field and you can't do anything about it, or when you loose a soldier from 36'' pretty every time and your range is just 16''.

I would like to congratulate Mark his victory, well played. I think my army list had too many anti tank units and noone that could give my close combat squads covering fire.

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