Monday, November 28, 2011

Narwa game

Well that was a paradox, the 2ic didnt speak Russian, and failed several orders.leaving his men in the open.Where they go pounded by rocket fire from the onset. pinning then dowm. the cic did take out the forward tiger in the trees,this took the full fire power of all his armour to do it . the germans during turn one just let rip with the artilery and pinned down most of the russian forces, on turn 4 after the russian fao having radio problems,probably gerry jammihg them! a few round from the katushkas hit home, being on limited supply not enough fire power to do damage, by the 4th round gerry had one last ditch attempt at stopping the tanks , a lucky rocket hit the russian general and ended the game. pushing the russian back to the river. originally the russian succeeded in taking Narwa and went on to Stalingrad.

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