Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flames of War:Operation north wind. bat rep

the game was 1500 points each side. the objective was for the American player General Stevil to take the town and any intervening enemy positions . the German player Herr Pawel to hold the positions until reinforcements arrived on the 4th turn.
Americans as the attacker took the first turn, moving the Shermans up to the woods and destroying the STug within leaving a few infantry and Pawels 2IC in it. on the right flank Steve took up the position with the tank destroyers let rip with the 50 cals. taking out a team of grenadiers. following up with heavy mortar fire on the at position destroying an at gun and the at command. this left Paul feeling rather down.
in his turn the Germans dug in the infantry on the right flank. and moved the rest of the infantry in the town into the buildings. the STugs on the town left flank moved up and proceeded to take out the Shermans bailing 2 out, the mg in the woods followed up successfully pining them down, after a shot from the panzerschrek this left Steve with 4 Shermans , 2 of which were bailed out.
After a few more turns the Americans were finally starting to route. leaving the woods in the hands of the Americans and the town mostly in tack for the Germans. Steve conceded the game at 22:00 after the end of the 3rd turn.

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