Monday, October 3, 2011

Flames of war a very brief intro

Flames of war is a miniature table top wargame , with teams and platoons up to company level, with some divitional support. in each bound your teams first move or digin, vehicles encountering difficult going make a bog down text , any score of a 1 bogs vehicles down and must be released by a skill test on your next bound. any morale tests are done in the same fashion at this time.

After this you are allowed to fire on your enemy. the system for firing is a little different than in most other games. instead of scoring a set number to hit you target. it relies on your targets training, position on the table. hitting a unit 5 times pins them down, and reduces their rof in the insuing assult phase or next bound to a rof of 1.after firing and saving throws etc. we turn to the assult phase,each unit can charge up to 4 inches to contact. the defender then can opportunity fire on the attacking units. resolving any hits and determining the winner if any and resulting routs or fall back , game play goes in to the next bound. artillery will be covered when we use it.
there should be enough men for 2 players each side.

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