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apocalypse game 8/11/2011

The game started with the Emperors finest making the first move.

they managed to take out most of the super heaves of the renegades
before they could shoot.

The stompa was first to fall making a large blast wiping out the two trucks behind them.

the game lasted a good 5 turns , when Ragnar blackmane devastated the last bastiun of the renegades.
i am hoping we are going to get a full right up on the forum with perspective from the winners / losers or both. any thing worth printing will be put up here.
needless to say
Imperial won!!!!!! more pictures here:-
Click the link below to read battle reports.

Imperial battle report
The game was approx 12,000 points a side with on the imperial side being the Ultramarines, two space wolves forces and two blood angel successor chapter forces.
The battle was against the xenos scum of orks and tau with renegade guards and daemons assisting them, it started quite well for the imperium considering the bad side had 4 super heavys and the space wolves wont be arriving till turn 2, with support of the ultramarines we cleared the bunker quite well and taking out 3 super heavys in a turn the infernus tank blowing up and taking some supporting rabble. Overall they was moments where we could have lost the battle and it all hinged on claiming the bunker complex the palace got cleared the space wolves only to be taken out by the forces of tau as they arrived and the ultramarines did very well in holding the shrine. Marine of the match well there's two the space marine bikes with melta guns and bombs who before perishing on turn 3 took out the infernus tank losing one of there number to the blast and destroying a battlwagon. The second was Astorath the Grim who held the bunker and took out a daemon prince and a bloodthirster well done.
At the end of the match the imperium still held the shrine and just held the bunker complex with three units literally against one enemy unit, the palace was uncontested and the renegades still held the bastion overall IMPERIUM WIN!

by Grant B 

Oposite Side view.

the space marine assult begain when the space wolf strike cruiser in orbit the wrath of fenri locked on to ork supper heavy which was rolling down valley and hit with lance strike which wreaked the machine. the strick cruiser then provided accurate tactical data of the stompa crosing the bridge which enabled the space wolves heavy weapon to find weak point and detnoante it ammunition stores ( rem legendry rolling abilities came into force hear). the traitor guard bane blade was badly muled buy group lone woves who had banded togeather to seek a gloriose death in combat buy drop poding into the middle of the enamy. the larst supper heavy was taken out buy 3 ultramarine bikers who skillfuly out rode the blast after planting a melta bomb on it.

this is wear my focuse shifted to the govener palace
with the battle fully under way the skys lit up with firy contrails as the claws of russ decended (what the space wolves call a drop pod assult) most of the drop pods landed on target but one scatterd and landed on traitor mine field which caused 8 casultys on the squad when the diembarked. with the force down they started to take out targets to which they wear suited to the venrable dreadnaught greymir the ice fisted destryoed and tau hamerhead the other verable dreadnaught killed a battle wagon the 2 grey hunter pack carrying meltagun destroyed a leman rus and a basilsk. the other pack of grey hunters which missed the mine field torched a good chunk of the 50 strong workers rable they had landed next to. at this point the tau rienforcements turned up around the govenors palce and with overwelming fire power anhilated 1 grey hunter pack and reduced 2 more half strenght. the ork tank busters which survived the destruction of there battle wagon put there tank hammer to use on the venrable dreadnaught responsable for it destroying it..
at this point thing looked grim with only 15 greay hunter left and ragnar blackmanes unit of wolf gaurd terminaters to clear the the govenor palace out and it did't look like any of the other space marine player wear going make it over to help.
so with little options but to press on and hop the dice godas favored me ragnar blackmane and his surving troops chraged into the govenors place slaying anything they got there hands but they still took loses from the tau fire power out side. at the end of it all i had 2 gry hunter pack (1 man strong and a 2 man strong) and rangar blackmane and 3 wolf guard terminators holding the govenor place 
By DocNeil

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