Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gruntz 15mm

A fist game of Gruntz, and oh boy, that was great.
I am looking forward to have another go allready.
We Have been playing Marks Armies, ARC troopers (Me) vs Hammer slammers (Mark).

I was amazed how well they turned out, after painting them with primer and masking using blue tack for another coat of paint. The result is quite nice looking camo pattern with little effort.
I think Mark did a great job preparing everything for Gruntz, everything looked nice, all counters were laser cut, templates in sleeves... I was impressed.

We had 300 points each, and that not include those awesome mecha, artillery nor Jet fighter.

Gameplay was a bit jittery mainly because of me, and my lack knowledge of rules, but that didn't spoil the day for me and I hope Mark had a good time as well. I must say the rules were not as much complicated, and I think next time the game will flow better.
The table was cramped with terrain and loads of opportunities to hide just before the river crossing.

After a firefight just one of Marks Vehicles has been shreaded to pieces by support mecha, meantime on the other bank of the river some hammer slammer heavy tanks were aproaching my positions, but due to unlucky rolls I have been saved many times. It couldn't last forever and finaly my one and only tank was blown away.

We couldn't finish it in time, but I would say it was an even fight.

Gruntz is fun, but I think its still in its infancy, and many rules needs tweeking or are not explained in the book well enough. Its very flexible, and you can create any unit you desire, you just need some 15mm figures and you are ready to go. That's a brilliant idea to include unit creator, could possibly draw new players to the system, and there is pleanty of miniatures to choose from and still growing. Companies that produce 15mm figures support this system and you can buy starter bundles (eg. from Critical mass games).
If I am not wrong Neil is building his own army as well, maybe he would share what hes got up his sleeve there.

We decided to go for 300 points next game, so we could grasp the rules, maybe we could have a simple objective.

My army is in development, you can check my progress on our forums as well so it might be interesting.
Comment here, or post your own armies on that forum page.

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