Sunday, August 21, 2011

Role play games

There has in the past been a small interest in RPG's , so her's the first post.
I have Dark heresy , D&D and Warhammer,
it is my intention to start up a small group on club nights. playing either dnd or whfrp.


Pawel said...

I could play a dumb orc :)
Yeah I loved the idea of roleplaying years ago, when I even didn't knew all about this stuff. But honestly I think that WFRP ought to be played in controlled enviroment, in quiet, so GM can realy catch the attention of players. and takes way to long.

D&D could possibly take off, with minis and stuff, I am exciting about the possibilities

Chris said...

dum orcs are for the gamesmaster! as for minis they come in various shapes and sizes, create your character then have a lok around to see if something fits.

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