Sunday, August 7, 2011

Memoir 44

Memoir 44 is a simple yet elegant board game about 2nd world war published by Days of Wonder.

I would recommend it to beginning war gamers because of its simplicity. Rules take about 15 minutes to explain.

There are reference cards for every unit and terrain so you don't have to remember them all.
You can start playing straight away, and be competitive. Different scenarios gives you opportunity to step back in time and recreate those famous battles like landing on Omaha beach or liberation of Paris.
Game is fast paced and usually takes about an hour.

It is a tactical war game that takes place on a hex map divided into three sections- left flank, right flank and a centre. To simulate the fog of war and the difficulty of communication, it makes use of command cards. Each player has a hand of cards which can be used to command units in a specific sector, more complicated cards have more flavour, and allow you for example to call an air strike, counter-attack, ambush etc.

Combat is very simple and resolved with custom dice that show several different icons:
Infantry kills infantry, tank kills tank,grenade kills anything, star does nothing unless you played a command card that says otherwise, and the flag causes an opposing unit to retreat, and retreat is what makes this game so strategic. Holding a defensive positions is crucial, and distance affects damage.
Units are balanced, every group has a chance to take out a group of any other type.

Thats how it looks:

At the moment We own 2 copies of that board game, so we could even join them together and play "Overlord" scenario on a grand scale, where you join two boards together and play 8 players, with 3 generals and a commander each side. Commander distributes cards, assigning orders to his generals, but the orders are executed by generals alone, and commander can only communicate with one general at a time.
Generals can activate their troops, even when not given any orders at a risk.
So this makes it quite interesting...

anyway... check out this review made by Shut up and sit down , enjoy.

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