Friday, August 12, 2011

apocalypse 40k game

Neil is arranging an inter club game at Lakenheath hive on the 8th October 2011. at the moment he wants rough ideas on who wants to play, which army you have and how many points.
it will be held at Lakenheath Methodist hall as its the cheapest around, unless yoou can find some where cheaper? contact Neil via the yahoo group.

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Newmarket Knights said...

from Neil via nktknights:
right thing have been a little bit hectic for me latlely but its still on. its going to be a basic game of apoclypse has i don't ahve the time to come up with somthing more interesting

important info:
when ? saturday 8th of october
wear ? lakenheath methodist church hall
time ? be there for 8:00am if u are helping me set up or 9:00 am if u are just turning up to play . i aim to finish gaming about 17:00 and be packed away for 18:00

what u need : 2000pts army or yore choice. no force organizeation chart, up to 1 super heavy per army
relevent codex's and rule books
clearly readable army list (don't want charecter changing equipment half way through)
tape measure

terrain wise im after ruins lots of them . as for dice ive got 5 dice cube worth of them and grant shoun have a large tub so we should be covered

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